Marketing 3.0: How L’Oréal is embracing new marketing codes

Marketing 3.0: How L’Oréal is embracing new marketing codes

L’Oréal is entering a new period of transformation it calls ‘marketing 3.0’; something the 110-year-old beauty giant hopes will help it to stay relevant and keep pace in a fast-growing market and create a more trustworthy digital economy for both brands and consumers.

“We have pretty much changed everything in terms of the way that we are organised as marketing teams: we call it marketing 3.0,” L’Oréal’s chief digital officer, Lubomira Rochet, told Marketing Week at Cannes Lions.

“The deepest part of the digital transformation is de-siloing the organisation and having people come together as a team in a project mode versus a very sequential, ‘this is the innovation, this is the marketing plan, this is the go-to-market strategy and this is the operation and execution plan’. This becomes a very holistic approach to consumer experience versus doing just a product strategy.”

L’Oréal tested marketing 3.0 in the UK first, with improvements in a number of areas including upskilling employees, team productivity and consumer satisfaction, prompting the brand to scale it globally.

“L’Oréal is a pretty de-centralised company because we believe de-centralisation is an asset in a fast-changing world where new platforms emerge every day from everywhere, so you really need to have your fingers on the pulse and your skin in the game,” Rochet explains. “What we do is test and learn some models; when we see some models are really successful we scale them.”

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