Pixel Buds are Google’s answer to AirPods

Pixel Buds are Google’s answer to AirPods

Google is making wireless headphones that are specifically designed to be the first and best option for people who buy Google phones — just like AirPods are designed for iPhones.

The new Pixel Buds borrow a lot of ideas from Apple’s AirPods: they have a new, easier way to pair with your phone, they come in a little battery case, they use touch controls, and they have tight integration with an intelligent assistant. They’re also priced exactly the same, at $159, and are coming out in November.

On the other hand, Pixel Buds are neckbuds, not truly wireless earbuds. They lack some of the technical whiz-bang of the AirPods, like auto-detecting when they’re in your ear. The choices Google made with the design of Pixel Buds speak to Google’s emerging values when it comes to its hardware products: be pragmatic and lean on Google’s core technologies whenever possible.

Neckbuds aren’t cool, but having headphones sitting around your neck all the time is definitely convenient.

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