How to Use Bitcoin When the Apocalypse Hits

How to Use Bitcoin When the Apocalypse Hits

It would be easy to write survivalists off as loonies, but when the apocalypse arrives, it’s the rest of us who’ll look crazy. Even if you don’t believe global meltdown is inevitable, there’s value to be had in Bitcoin war games: envisaging worst case and “what if” scenarios that would test the digital currency to its limits. In a world with sporadic internet, Bitcoin would still survive. In fact, it would fare a lot better than fiat currency would in a world of “sporadic” banks, ridden with looting and widespread financial instability.

If grandma didn’t get Bitcoin in more civilized times, she’s not going to grasp it now the world’s in flames and the enemy’s at the gates.

Bitcoin can be sent and received without using the internet, such as over ham radio. The process is convoluted, though, and besides, when societal breakdown occurs, we’ll likely revert to a feudalist society in which locals trumps global. There’ll be no need to use bitcoin to buy stickers and other trinkets online because there’ll be no mailman or UPS driver to deliver it to your door. And besides, your letterbox will have been boarded up and the door barred to keep the zombies at bay.

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