Are High-Skilled Workers the Future of the Gig Economy?

Are High-Skilled Workers the Future of the Gig Economy?

It’s not that Uber drivers are now getting paid megabucks, but that high-skilled workers are increasingly opting to go independent. MBO describes a “barbell effect” of the gig economy: “On one end, there’s a growing mass of highly skilled workers who are sought after for specialized talent … on the other end, there’s a growing population of people who do what might be defined as commodity work — driving for Uber or picking up work on TaskRabbit.”

These data illustrate the most important trend shaping the economy today, says Jody Greenstone Miller, co-founder and CEO of the Business Talent Group, which manages a network of independent business executive consultants turned gig workers. Some high-end work is actually “more suitable as project-based,” notes Greenstone Miller, because workers “tend to enjoy it. They are doing it more often out of choice than from necessity, so it is more attractive to the talent population.”

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